Familie Scholten-Sijses

Teuniste Henxstegoor1624

Teuniste Henxstegoor
Birth about 1624 24

Birth of a sisterDelete Henxstegoor
about 1625 (Age 12 months)

Birth of a brotherAerentte Henxtegoor
about 1626 (Age 2 years)

Birth of a brotherAelbertte Henxstegoor
about 1627 (Age 3 years)

Civil marriageJuttenNnView this family
before 1651 (Age 27 years)

Type: 2
February 3, 201716:37:01 (Age 393 years)



Family with parents - View this family
2 years
younger sister
2 years
younger brother
2 years
younger brother
Family with JuttenNn - View this family
Marriage: before 1651

Shared note
NH doop Geesteren: Anno 1653 den 16 januarius - Teunis te Henxstegoor ende Jutten kint Aeltjen gedoopt. Get. Jenneken Aerens, Jan Wormgoor ende Harmen Reinsen. ---- Anno 1654 den 10 martius - Teunis te Henxstegoor ende Jutten kint Engelbert gedoopt Get. Aelbert te Henxstegoor, Geert Wormgoor ende Essele Roeterincks. ---- Anno 1655 den 6 majus - Teunis te Henxstegoor ende Jutten kint Willem gedoopt Get. Harmen te Henxstegoor, Jan Weinck ende Armgaert Routerinck. --- Anno 1659 den 27 martius - Teunnis te Henxstegoor ende Jutten dochter Aeltjen gedoopt Getuigen Grijte Henxstegoor, Jan Wormgoor ende Jan Weeincks --- Anno 1661 den 24 october - Teunis te Henxstegoor ende Jutten dochter Jan gedoopt Get. Engelbert Hilbers, jonge Merrie Weeinck, Hindrick op de Horst.